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Digital Modeling of Knowledge Innovations in a Historical Corpus. "The Sphere" Project Experience

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Venerdì 22 novembre 2019 dalle ore 10 alle ore 13, presso il Dipartimento di Informatica “Giovanni degli Antoni”, via Celoria 18 Milano, Matteo Valleriani (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - Technische Universität Berlin - Tel Aviv University) e Florian Kräutli (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science), nell’ambito del progetto ERC “TACITROOTS” diretto da Giulia Giannini., terranno un seminario su Digital Modeling of Knowledge Innovations in a Historical Corpus. "The Sphere" Project Experience.

“Historical research is increasingly confronted with an ever-expanding, worldwide process of digitization of historical sources. Automated and tool-supported solutions for modeling, mining, and human-in-the-loop analysis of historical text corpora are becoming more and more crucial, thus motivating the development of novel approaches characterized by contributions from historical and computer science research.

The seminar focuses on data model design and database implementation issues for managing a large-size corpus of historical sources and related data. In particular, "The Sphere" case study is presented based on all the early modern printed editions of commentaries on the Sphere of Sacrobosco. The seminar discusses how to identify both content-related and social information through data mining, also by means of machine learning techniques. From the historical point of view, the seminar will show how epistemic communities (families of editions) can be identified by means of an approach related to multi-layer network analysis. In particular, it will investigate mechanisms of spread of innovations against the background of a stable knowledge tradition.”

Seminar organized within the ERC project TACITROOTS (ERC-2018-COG, n. 818098), directed by Giulia Giannini.

22 novembre 2019
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